Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park

Welcome to one of my favorite California State Parks. This place is rich in history and has stunning views of the carved out hillsides from the hydraulic gold mining days.

Just outside of Nevada City the drive into the park is not super easy as the road is rocky and windy. But if you take a SUV or truck and go slow you will be fine. It is worth the wait, trust me.

Visitors can hike and explore the ghost town of North Bloomfield that gives a rare glimpse into daily living in the 1800’s gold mining life.

Camping and historic cabin rentals are available summer and early fall.

There ar er lots of hiking options here. Pack your camera and water bottles as I’m sure you’ll find lots of great picture spots! We hiked the Diggins Loop Trail that is about 3 miles depending on how many side trails you wonder down. A wonderful easy hike for the whole family to view the park. We also checked out the tunnel with the kids. Next time we will bring a flashlight!

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The Curious Crew