Fairy 🧚‍♀️ Falls Trail

Our outdoor adventure took us to an area we haven’t spent much time at but after today we will be back. The Spenceville Wildlife Area is large so there is more to see. Today we went on a waterfall hunt! A hike we had expected to be THREE miles that ended up being FIVE! Longer than most hikes we attempt with three sets of little legs but they killed it and we are so proud of our little team! Not one kid was carried for one minute of the whole hike! A first and so very proud of them!

Here are a few pictures from the trail!

It took us about a hour to get to the trailhead from Roseville. Pretty clear directions on AllTrails and a big parking lot at the trailhead. No bathrooms and the last mile was on a dirt road.

Here is the link to the California Wildlife Website with more information about the area!


If you take this trip come back and let us know what you think and as always THANK YOU for sharing our blog/IG with friends!



The Curious Crew