Creating A Day That Flows

Our heart for the outdoors has been ongoing since the beginning, yes, even before kids!

However most parents can agree getting it all together is just too much work and we often have people ask us HOW we are able to make all our adventures happen.

Mostly through trial and error we found that letting go of our expectations has helped us the most. It’s my number one tip to families looking to “do more” outside or not. If we plan all the things and try to keep a tight schedule things fall of the rails most of the time. We try to focus on a loose plan and roll with the punches. For example instead of saying we are leaving at 8am, we say we are going to leave after breakfast. That way no one (ok, the adults) aren’t upset and it doesn’t trickle down on the kids.

Secondly, we focus on hard stop rest periods. No, they don’t always happen BUT we do make an effort. In our experience the short period of rest during a trip, hike, camping, whatever really makes things better. To make this happen when out of the house we are sure to have a small travel pillow packed or large blanket we can all lay down on. Does your family take naps or rest when out of the house?

Next, we focus on proper nutrition. Teaching our kids about what to eat before, during, and after a hike or outdoor adventure! They love learning about things they are eating and it’s a great way to help them understand what is giving them fuel to play hard! But, don’t be fooled we aren’t against bringing our kids with an ice cream after either!

What do you think about these tips? Do you have anything that helps keep your crew from falling apart and aids in the overall success of your adventures? Let me know by shooting us an email or dropping a comment below.

Stay Well,

The Curious Crew