Minnesota 7 Day Itinerary

The great state of Minnesota is packed with fun for everyone! With a wide variety of things to do this state will be sure to keep everyone happy from the music lovers to outdoor enthusiasts. Our Curious Crew took over the Twin Cities for a week and are excited to share our adventure with you!

Day 1) Shop + Play at the Mall Of America.

Known around town as the “MOA” this giant mall has 4 stories and lots more to do then a standard shopping mall. In the middle of this amazing mall is an amusement park called Nickelodeon Universe. Our kids have rode the rides here before and will again because this park has rides that keep all ages entertained. After we had our fill of rides we did a little shopping and picked up new school shoes for the kids.

Fun Fact: Minnesota has no sales tax on clothes!

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Day 2) Canoe.

Getting out on the water in this state is a must. Since the state has 10,000 plus lakes and several rivers you really have no excuse. We paddled down the St. Croix River with family and friends and had a great time on the water.

We used Eric’s Canoe and Kyack in Wisconsin. He dropped us off inside Interstate Park and off we went.

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Day 3) Hike around a Lake.

With all the water in this state being near it is unavoidable. Plus, why would you not want to breathe in the fresh air and stretch your legs in such a green place! We visited the Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield, Minnesota. We explored the nature center and hiked around the lake as we searched for birds, turtles, and dragonflies!

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Day 4) Check Out A Local Zoo.

We spent a whole morning at the Como Zoo and could have stayed all day! Como Zoo in St. Paul is FREE to the community but donations are gladly excepted. There is an arboretum and mini amusement park on the same block and a miniature golf and open playground across the street. Wonderful for everyone, especially families.

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Day 5) Mill City Ruins + Stone Arch Bridge.

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Day 6) Library Time.

Library’s are a great resource for traveling families. We check out fun books to read and CD to listen to in the car. Local libraries almost always have a great list of local family activities and events happening in the community. Dont miss out on these amazing FREE resources while traveling.

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Day 7) Local Art Projects.

We checked out Kelsey’s urban art at the Rosedale Center. A fun opportunity to see her work and be playful with our camera.

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Thanks for traveling with us to one of our very favorite states!


The Curious Crew