Apple Hill

Let’s chat about Apple Hill! One of our very favorite autumn activities.

Labor Day is opening weekend for many of the farms and what is traditionally thought of as “Apple Hill season” Although, many of the farms are open year round!

Here is a list of our favorite stops and what we love about them. (Not in any ranked order.)

1) Mill View Ranch ~

Yummy treats and a FREE play town that will keep kids busy forever. Don’t forget play clothes for any little ones.

2) Larsons Apple Ranch & Bakeshop ~

More yummy treats and an amazing museum full of farming history.

3) Apple Ridge Farms ~

Gem Mining, lunch options, and a great gift shop. Plus, super cute picture opportunities.

4) High Hill Ranch ~

Fishing Pond, horseback riding, apple donuts, and many craft booths for shopping. My advice for this place is to go early as in my opinion it is the busiest and gets crowded quickly.

5) Boa Vista Orchards ~

Gorgeous views, face painting, food market, and yummy cider.

Although, these are stops we make almost every season Apple Hill is large and you can’t visit all the locations in one day. We try to visit the more tourist filled locations early in the season. We try hitting one place we love and one new place as this gives us an opportunity to explore each time we visit. Each farm is unique in their offerings and you are sure to love something different at each one.

Wine & Beyond ~

Apple Hill has many locations available for adult tastings.

1) Smokey Ridge Farm

2) North Canyon Cider Co.

3) Rucksack Cellars

4) Lave Cap Winery

5) Boeger Winery

6) Fenton Herriot Vineyards

7) Madrona Vineyards

8) Delfino Farms “Kids Inc.”

Apple Hill season just kicked off last weekend for the 2018 season. We went to get our family in the fall mood. Here are the places we went for our first trip of the year!

We started this year off at High Hill Ranch because we know it gets crazy so we wanted to beat the crowds. We hung out at the fishing pond, walked through the craft booths and shops, discovered the apple crates full of different apple varieties, took lots of silly pictures in all the fun photo cutouts, and enjoyed the Fudge Factory Farm’s yummy treats.

Next, we enjoyed the gorgeous views and shopping in the market at Boa Vista. The kids were begging for face paint so we abliged and the lady did an amazing job. Boa Vista has many craft booths, apple cider tastings, and lunch options.

We have gone to Apple Hill for years and never stopped at Smokey Ridge Farms. That changed today as we enjoyed a wine tasting while the kids played out back. It was really relaxing and we ended up getting both types of Sangiovese we tried! We learned that this farm has 17 types of apples. Crazy!

Our last stop was at 24Carrot Farm. A certified organic farm full of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. A really great place to stop on the way home to stock up for the week. #shoplocal Bonus: A pretty pond to have lunch by!

What are your favorite places to go to when you visit Apple Hill?

Until next time,

The Curious Crew