Trail Snacks For Kids!

Everyone loves a good snack, am I right? Here is a list of our favorite things to pack along when we head out on short hikes with the kids!

  1. Trail Mix (We shop for different varieties to give the kids different mixtures each time.)
  2. Fruit & Veggie Squeeze Packs (Yes, a great way to give them a shot of veggies out on the trail no matter how old you are!)
  3. Baby Carrots 🥕 and single serve ranch cups!
  4. Pirate Booty 🏴‍☠️
  5. Suckers 📍 … great for that last mile motivation!
  6. Frozen Yogurt Sticks
  7. Fig Bars
  8. Apples 🍎, Oranges 🍊, & Banana 🍌
  9. Beef 🐄 Jerky
  10. Pistachios ( We love these because the kids take forever to eat them so they keep them busy while walking along)

Do you have a FAVORITE trail snack not on this list? Be sure to leave a comment below and share it with us!


The Curious Crew