Hiking Auburn, California

With Auburn being so close to Sacramento I get asked often where are the best hikes for people to go that are just starting out or have kids in tow so I thought I’d compile a little list of our favorite places to go and share them with you.

1) Hidden Falls Regional Park has several trails to hike. The main trail is wide and heads down into the canyon from the parking lot. It’s not super steep but keep in mind that going down is always easier then back up. You can hike down to the waterfall and swimming holes for a cooling dip and snack before you head back. Don’t forget sunscreen and lots of water. This has become a common place to get out of the city and stretch your legs so keep in mind there are days when you will need a reservation and cell service is not great once you arrive. You can get a reservation here:


2) Auburn State Recreation Area has a few hikes we think just about anyone can hike. We love recommending the Confluence Trail and the Western States Trail to Calcutta Falls. The Quarry Trail is also great for hiking and an easy place to enjoy some outdoor time with your family.

3) The Canyon View Preserve is another great beginning hiking area that has lots of little water falls, great views, and wildlife sightings.

A few warnings about the hiking in the Auburn area, well most places.


1) Water. Often these trails are not covered in shade and can be very warm so be sure to pack along a water bottle to stay hydrated.

2) Poison Oak. Most trails in the foothills have lots of Poison Oak so it is always a good to keep an eye open for it especially on these trails.

3) Parking. Some parking locations are free and some locations are so be sure to pack along some cash to pay $10-$12 to park.

4) Sunscreen. Even in the Spring & Fall season be sure to wear protective clothing or later sunscreen on your face and shoulders to prevent sunburn.

5) Rattlesnakes. There are posted signs all over the place however always keep hour eyes peeled when out on the trail. Even though our family hikes often I still point out the signs and spend a few minutes reminding my kids about them.

I hope you found some useful information and are excited to get your feet dirty!

Happy trails,

The Curious Crew